In most of the jewelry projects, we need the SuperDuo or the twin hole beads. Most of the people think that they are the same thing and this is the reason they often use the wrong type of bead available. They might look same but there are some of the major differences between both of them.

Here we have a few differences that will make it easy for you to differentiate between SuperDuo and twin hole beads.


The SuperDuo are manufactured with special care. That is why they have an even shape and size as compared to other types of beads. You will not have to deal with

  • Culling
  • Removing
  • Throwing away

There will be no unusable beads when you are using the SuperDuo beads. The shape of the SuperDuo is more angular in the center and tapered on the sides. Whether you are making a bracelet, flowers or a necklace the SuperDuo will align in a better and orderly manner to help you create the perfect shape.


Apart from being evenly shaped, the SuperDuo beads are more substantial because more glass is used in their manufacturing. Both are said to have 2.5 mm by 5 mm size but SuperDuo is longer as compared to twin hole beads.


There is a large variety of colors and finishes available in SuperDuo as compared to twin beads. It is all because of the special manufacturing process. They are prepared with the colors glass and they have a special coating, which helps to change its colors.

The twin beads are mostly available in 2 shades and even if they are coated the colors is removed during the finishing. Apart from that, quality of twin beads is not very good and their color can be removed with rubbing. You have to be extra careful if you are using the twin beads because after some time their color will be naturally removed.


The only issue that you will have to deal with the SuperDuo beads is cost. They are generally more expensive than the other types of beads available in the market. However, when you will compare the price with the quality you will understand that investing in the SuperDuo is better. It will be your one-time investment, as you will not have to deal with any type of color removal.

The type of beads that you will select depends on the type of project that you are planning to complete. If you want quality work the SuperDuo will meet your standards and you can create several styles with it.

Bottom line

Make sure that you buy the beads that are most suited for the project that you are working it. It is important that you clearly understand the difference between all types of beads available in the market as it will make the selection procedure easy for you. If you are planning to work on jewelry projects, you must have the knowledge regarding all types of beads.