The regular wigs were easy to wear and did not need concentration on minute details as required by a lace front wig. In fact these details are what make the lace front wig so much more versatile and realistic than regular wigs. The popularity of these wigs especially the blonde lace front wigs stems from the fact that:

  • The front lace absolutely mimics the hairline,
  • Front lace wigs can be styled in a number of ways,
  • They are lightweight yet durable and therefore comfortable to wear.

Steps for the correct application of front lace wigs

Contrary to the requirements of regular wigs like the blonde wigs, the front lace wigs need a little preparation before application. The steps involved in the application of a front lace wig are:

Front Lace Wig

  • Before application preparations: This involves getting the natural hair and skin ready by
    • Flattening your natural hair,
    • Putting on a skin-tight stocking cap and
    • Preparing the skin by:
      • Giving it s gentle wash with a mild cleanser,
      • Blotting it dry with a towel,
      • Rubbing a line of alcohol along your hairline,
      • And allowing it to dry.
    • Actual putting on of the wig: This is the tricky part which involves a little more concentration and involves:
    • Test fitting of the wig before even the adhesives are applied,
      • Trimming the excess lace immediately after the proper placement and fitting of the wig by:
        • Holding the wig in place with the help of clips and
        • Trimming the lace using pinking shears.
      • Removing the wig again and setting it aside and
      • Applying either :
        • The wig tape along your hairline or
        • A liquid face adhesive along your entire hairline.
      • Reapplying the wig and then styling it as per your choice.
      • After application maintenance: This involves taking off the wig after the removal of the adhesives and maintaining it properly for any subsequent use.

Lace front wigs especially the blonde lace front wigs are a treat to own and wear. They make the wearer look so much better than the regular blonde wigs that more and more people nowadays prefer lace front wigs. These wigs are making quite a mark in the fashion today.

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