There will always be someone who wants to be the next top model. But despite what all the movies and shows tell us, becoming a model isnot just about being tall and beautiful. It’s about having the talent and drive to back up your beautiful looks. Becoming a model can be easy, or it can be difficult, depending on how you approach it and the people with whom you associate with. In this article, we will give you tips that will hopefully help you enter that modeling career.

Tip 1 – Type of Modeling

The most basic tip in becoming a model is to know what type of modeling type you want to do. There are quite a few areas to choose from–there are magazine photo models while runway models walk the catwalk for branded clothing lines. Also, plus size modeling has made an huge impact in the recent years too. No matter which type of modeling you choose, modeling agencies preferred height required is at a very minimum of 5’7″ but closer to 6’0″. You can also keep a bag containing makeup accessories for instant help.

Tip 2 – Find an Agency

Now, that know you know what type of modeling you want, the next step for you is to look for a modeling agency that specializes in the field you want. You can search online for agencies quite easily. Search for an agency that’s local to your area, and it’s important to remember to research an agency first.But always be careful of scammers. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to take advantage of aspiring talent. Try to stay away from them.After searching for the right modeling agency, you can now contact them. Ask them where you can send your portfolio and photos. Don’t worry since they only require simple digital photos. Wear a simple dress and not too much make up. If you are lucky, you will be signed for the agency. Rejection is another. This is why you should always have a backup plan

Tip 3 – Be Healthy

Lastly, take good care of your skin and body. A model’s career depends on the preservation of his or her physical characteristics, so models must control their diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to stay healthy and photogenic.You should pay extra attention to your health. Make sure to eat healthy foods. Make your you eat enough. Get enough sleep so that you won’t have circles on your eyes the next morning.  And remember to take good care of your hair by trimming split ends.